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6 Easy ways to a Happy Customer

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Happy Customer is a Spending Customer

Understand who buys from you:

You may be surprised to learn that sometimes they don’t want to understand you, but you absolutely must understand them!!! ( that's right 3 "!" ).

  • Customers urn to be understood and heard, listened to and empathized with. So do it, train your staff to do, make sure your maintenance team to do it (we do it). They want to come into your space, identify their problems, concerns or questions and be understood. Once that is achieved, direct them to a solution that you have for one of the problems, concerns or questions they had. If you are doing what you do "Well" it’s “had”. Your number one job is to understand your customer, you do that well, you are well on your way!

Offer a Unique Experience:

Check-out experience - when people want to go, they want to go

  • Mobile App to pay and leave allowing them to not queue is a thought. It’s suggested 8 min is all you have, after that they are setting their things down and leaving w/o purchasing

Retailtainment is an option, entertains your customers and publicize it in local media and through social media channels. Not only increasing customers but building a personality around your brand (more on this later)

Host events in your space that allow you to share your space with your friends and their friends and their friends’ friends and so on… Invite other businesses that don’t compete with you who are in the area to partner with you on the event (caterers, art supply shop, book shop, salon etc)

Make the store Kid/Family- Friendly:

If the kids are happy, parents are happy, and happy parents spend… and keep spending. Make it good enough and kids could request to come back so parents could spend more. Have a space set aside for play, or relaxation, or interaction but have it supervised and make it a comfortable place for families to shop.

Add a Service Layer to the products you sell:

Offer free reconditioning of products, coffee while you wait, review of service as offering others may charge for that costs you little but causes them to spend time, more time, more discovery, more purchases.

Improve your speed:

Cx demands immediate assistance & instant gratification, don’t make them wait in line to pay, it’s ok if they are getting service but not just standing there waiting. Go back and think of creative ways to entertain, look at your touchpoints and see if there is a way to reduce the friction for your customers to allow them to move more freely through your space or learn about their expectations. Teach your team to pick up on customer queues to make sure they are getting the attention they expect and would appreciate it. However, understand there is a balance between attention they expect and smothering. I have had both, felt like they locked up the place with me still inside and like the sales associate was sitting on my shoulder. Make sure your team can read what the customer is asking for and service them accordingly, if they are in a rush get them out, if they are casually shopping keep showing your wares, but learn balance and ask the right questions.

Hire Team Players and get them invested in serving your clients:

They shouldn’t be salespeople or sales associates you want to work towards consultants, experts or even friends that you employ so that your customer feels like they are coming to visit, not shop - build trust

Customer service expert Nancy Friedman says “One tried-and-true way to drive traffic to your store is to provide excellent customer service. More business is lost due to poor service and poor treatment than poor product.” You are leaving money on your doorstep when you don’t get your team on board with serving your customers. Make sure they are greeted, listened to, have their questions answers, push for feedback, and give them an excuse to return.

When you focus efforts on employee engagement, you’re likely to outperform companies without engaged employees by up to 202%. Companies lose $11 billion a year as a result of employee turnover. *$11 BILLION*. For more on employee engagement, book some time with us, we’ll talk it through with you and make sure you aren’t contributing to that $11 Billion any more.

We are here to help when you need us, we look forward to connecting!


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