Welcome to CorEthos, if you manage people and you have questions about how to do that well, you are in the right place!

We know that figuring out how to properly show up for our team post-pandemic is something none of us have done before.  Welcoming our coworkers back into the office and holding space for their questions and concerns about how to do it safely could become very hard.

We are here to help!


Book a free consultation to find out how we plan on doing just that.

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How do we plan to help?

1.) We work with leadership on how to build trust with their teams; how to praise and ask for criticism to help build a welcoming environment to return to a post-pandemic place of work... or not. We may need to help build a system around working remotely with some members of your team.

2.) We help to build emotional intelligence in management by shouldering with them and teaching how to hold space for hard conversations with their team.

3.) We collaborate with direct reports to teach them to be embrace the opportunity to return to the office or help build systems which allow for remote work and what that could look like.

4.) How you managed your team pre-pandemic vs now will be very different and should be different, we will help you to learn what that looks like with your team!